Reflection on the progress of “Thinking Of The Unthinkable” game

When we first chose the topic which is OCD. My partner, Jassica, was the one who chose the topic and I was very curious to know more about the life of the one who suffers from OCD as I don’t know much about them except the very basic things. Before creating the game, all I knew about OCD disorder is being neat and orderly. While researching about people who suffers from OCD, I was shocked when I learned more about their lives and how they really struggle in their everyday life. This assignment was not as easy as it seems. It contains a lot of components more than just creating a playable game. When we start putting what we have found about OCD in a game. It was quite interesting and struggling at the same time. It was like writing scripts. The struggle was in trying to make and link consequences to each scenario, but all in all it was a new unforgettable experience. 

 To be able to create that game you should master in OCD as if you are the one who suffers from OCD to be able to write scenarios and consequences to each choice you made to that scenario and that was the hardest part. To be able to give a brief understanding of a disorder through a game is not an easy thing. You should be able to help the one who will play the game, maybe once, know how people with OCD is living with their limited choices,how their everyday life is frustrating, and sympathize with anyone facing this tiring loop. 

Using Google slides to create the game was a very beneficial way that taught me that I can use tools for different purposes. That taught me how to think in a creative way, and how to make an amazing complicated things with a very simple and available tools. Also, that helps me a lot in improving my digital skills. 

I and Jassica were very afraid when we submitted the first draft of the game as we were very confused in the beginning and we thought that we were on the wrong track. But fortunately, our doctor’s feedback was very satisfying. We had a few mistakes with the hyperlinks that made the game unplayable, but we edited and fixed all that mistakes in our latest version of the game.

If  I had more time, I would try many different tools to design my game to improve my digital skills. Moreover, that will give me many different alternatives to decide which one is more interesting and enjoyable when that transform to a playable game.

Here is the link of our “Thinking Of The Unthinkable” game: . Hope you will enjoy it!!!

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